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ANTS: Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm


Time Frame: Near-Term, EMS, Long-Duration
Environment: Cold, Dark, Rugged Surface
Power: 10’s Watts, Nuclear Battery
Material: 50 kg, 1m2/kg
Locomotion: Tetrahedral, 10's km/day
Challenges: Long Duration, Cold, Dark Operation to Explore Resources at Lunar Polar Craters

12Tet in Various Obstacles

Structure/Mobility: One or more autonomous 12Tetrahedral Walkers. Rapid (km/day) locomotion with many degrees of freedom for navigation inaccessible, rugged terrain: farside, poles, central peaks, debris fields. Reducible in volume for shipping.

Payload: low mass, volume, active spectrometers to measure abundances of elements, minerals, water

Command and Control Subsystems: autonomous operational modes in response to terrain for destinations selected through a higher level interface

Navigation: Multi-channel laser altimeter comvined with motion and touch sensors at each node

Power Generation Systems: Efficient SPOT Nuclear batteries allow extensive operation in unilluminated terrain.

Dust control: via ion discharge, low dielectric surfaces, sealing of deployment mechanisms

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12Tet Rock and Roll
12Tet Climbridge
12Tet Survive

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