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Women in Astronomy 2009

Presentation Slides and Webcast video

Women in Astronomy and Space Science 2009
Presentation Slides and Webcast Video

Webcast video streaming provided by the Homer E. Newell Memorial Library at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Wednesday, October 21

Anne Kinney, PhD - Opening Remarks

Edward J. Weiler, PhD - Keynote Welcome

Rachel Ivie, PhD - Longitudinal Study Status,  Play Video PDF icon

Claude R. Canizares, PhD - NRC Study on STEM Faculty ,  Play Video PDF icon

Catherine Cesarsky, PhD - IAU Study on Statistics

Abigail Stewart, PhD - Addressing Unconscious Bias

Earnestine Baker - Meyerhoff Scholars Program at UMBC

Nick White, PhD - Introduction

* Panel Discussion * - How Professional Societies Can Influence Percentages and Retention

Lily McNair, PhD - HBCU Perspectives and Research Programs

Thursday, October 22

Kathie Olsen, PhD - Women in Science and Engineering: Exploring what A-MAZEs Us

Mark Sykes, PhD - Preserving our Intellectual Capital: An Institutional Perspective

* Panel Discussion * - Paths to Non-Academic Careers [ L. H. Whitesides ]

James Lindesay, PhD - Dedication to Dr. Beth Brown

Paula Rayman, PhD - Generational Issues in the Scientific Workplace

Elizabeth Freeland, PhD - Re-Entry: Career Breaks in Physics

* Panel Discussion * - Parenthood: The Elephant in the Laboratory

Joyce Winterton, PhD - Building the Next Generation of Astronomers

Jarita Holbrook - Film: "Hubble's Diverse Universe"

Christopher Scolese - Remarks

Friday, October 23

Rob Strain - Introduction

Rep. Donna Edwards, JD - Keynote Address

Peggy McIntosh, PhD - Unearned Advantage and Disadvantage as Work Impediments

* Panel Discussion * - Research is not Enough: Negotiating all the Rest

* Panel Discussion * - What it takes to become a PI, Project Scientist or Instrument Scientist

Mark Goldman - How to be a Mentor

Keivan Stassun, PhD - Leveraging Partnerships with Minority Serving Institutions

Amy Simon-Miller, PhD - Closing Remarks