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The data archive files for the Huygens mission were released in August 2006.  The data files have been reviewed and approved by the European Space Agency's Planetary Science Archive (ESA PSA) and the  Planetary Data System (NASA PDS).  Click on the link at the left to access the available data.

January 14, 2005
The GCMS instrument operated for 3 hours and 46 minutes.  8200+ mass scans were returned.  The probe lander to orbiter data link was terminated when the "line-of-sight" radio connection was lost.
January - February 2005
The removal of the obvious instrument specific effects is continuing.  This insures a high quality data set.

March 2005
The Huygens project has "recovered" additional packets of telemetry data.  These data have been processed and incorporated into the data sets.  The changes are very minimal for the GCMS data set.

March 2006
The full GCMS stage 2 processed dataset has been submitted to the data archive reviewers. 

August 2006
The GCMS data from the Huygens Mission stage 2 processed data set is now available from the Atmospheres Node at the Planetary Data System and from the ESA PSA site.  Stage 2 processing has converted the data from telemetry numbers to values expressed as 'real world' values.  Click on the Archived Data links to access this data set.  The descent trajectory parameters are not included in the GCMS data files.  These entry parameters will be found elsewhere in the data sets.

Minor corrections to fine-tune the data set based on the laboratory calibration of this instrument along with those for instrument specific performance factors are still required.  Only the largest of the data (signals) will be affected.

The data sets from selected Huygens Probe instruments is also available at the data archives.