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Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

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Huygens Science, Payload and Mission
Available from the European Space Agency as ESA SP-1177 published in August 1997.  Selected articles are available online by clicking the link above.

Passage to a Ringed World.  The Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan   
NASA SP-533 published in October 1997.  Full publication or individual chapters are available in PDF format from JPL.

Space Science Reviews, Volume 104, Issues 1 - 4
The articles from this issue are available online and can be purchased from Springer.

GCMS Instrument Pamphlet
designed to be printed on both sides of the page and folded
Outside (gcms_brochure_out.pdf,  size 391kB)
Inside (gcms_brochure_in.pdf,  size 174 kB)

Block diagram "cartoons" show the component sequencing of the GCMS instrument during the mission.   These depict the states of the valves (open or closed) and heaters (on or off) and the flow of the gas samples within the instrument.  Also shown is the atmosphere entry profile either as altitude or as pressure vs. time.  These animated GIF files are sized about 1.6 MegaBytes.
Animated GIF file of GCMS Cartoon <Altitude Insert>
Animated GIF file of GCMS Cartoon <Pressure Insert>

GCMS Instrument Testing Elapsed Times  <HTM Format>  or  <PDF Format>

A static block diagram of the GCMS instrument can be examined here (as a PDF file.)

A graphic of the GCMS operations timeline can be examined here (as a PDF file.)

The complete sampling sequence can be examined here or here (as a PDF file.)

The archived data files on this site are the same as those archived in both the European Space Agency's Planetary Sciences Archives (ESA PSA) and at the Atmospheres Node in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Planetary Data System Archives (NASA PDS).  Supplemental information will also be made available here.