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User Assessment
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The INDIGO team has identified the following list of tasks to be performed during its lifetime:

  1. Funds on contract at JPL and GSFC
  2. Finalize task plan
  3. Secure formal approvals of Service Governing Boards
  4. Establish Inter-service WG on Data and Information Systems within IAG's GGOS
  5. Establish a Science Advisory Team; conduct annual reviews
  6. Perform assessments
    1. Users
    2. Services (including site information)
  7. Develop and implement Web site INDIGO
  8. Re-architect service information systems, standardize
  9. Plan and offer Seamless Archive Services
  10. Prepare and publish INDIGO documentation
  11. Demo auto-positioning service
  12. Investigate an approach to quality assurance for INDIGO data and products (GPS/GNSS constellations)
  13. Provide annual reports


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Authors: Angelyn Moore, Carey Noll
Responsible NASA Official: Ruth Neilan
Last Updated: February 6, 2006