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ANTS: Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm


Time Frame: Mid-Term, MEMS
Environment: Space and Rugged Surface
Power: Watts, Nuclear Battery Energy Source
Material: 10 kg, 1m2/kg
Locomotion: Chemical Propulsion Flight/Battery ground
Challenges: Maximum Adaptability for Range of Forms Required to Support Lunar Base Robotic and/or Human Activity

ANTS architecture for Lunar Base Infrastructure

Lander Rover

Autonomous units (landers) arrive by space or air, launched from remote manned or unmanned locations.

Locomotion of autonomous units (rovers on the ground non-specific, amoeboid-like, motion including rolling, slithering, creeping for exploring, monitoring, building, and transporting materials.

Autonomous units to act as multi-platform instruments, antenna arrays, or beacons for communication, navigation, or observation.

Autonomous units to act as specialized equipment nodes for construction, maintenance, industrial, or raw material recovery operations.

Lunar Applications


LARA Mission Simulation
LARA Rover and Antenna Transmutations
LARA Lander and Rover Transmutations

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