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ANTS: Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm

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AI Concepts of ANTS as Agent-Based Multi-Level Community
The ANTS architecture is inspired by the success of social insect colonies, a success based on the division of labor within the colonies in two key ways...
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
The first step in the application of the ANTS paradigm was the development of a patented conceptual model, called a neural basis function, which combines the capability of autonomous and collective interaction, or bi-level intelligence, for each component, subsystem, or agent.
Second Step of Assembly
SMART (Super Miniaturized Addressable Reconfigurable Technology)
The ANTS architectural concept starts at the very beginning, with automated assembly, shipping, and deployment using SMART boxes.
Large Ant
Artifical Life
ANTS Architecture, in keeping with the Biologically-inspired Engineer for Exploration Systems approach and inspired by an ant colony analogue is based on...
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Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm


Students and staff from more than 15 different colleges and universities have collaborate on ANTS projects.

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