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ANTS: Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm

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ALMA (Autonomous Lunar Manuel Assistant)
ALMA's tetrahedral locomotion occurs by continuous contraction and extension of struts in a way that optimizes the dexterity and movement across a terrain without the limits of present arms.
ALI Climbing
ALI (Autonomous Lunar Investigator)
The ALI mission is to explore the environment in the permanently shadowed lunar polar areas which are extremely cold, rough, inaccessible, and may contain resources such as water which could help to support a human presence on the Moon.
LARA (Lander Amorphous Rover Antenna)
Autonomous units to act as multi-platform instruments, antenna arrays or beacons for communication, navigation or observation.
Spacecraft Bus
PAM (Prospecting Asteroid Mission)
PAM consists of 1000 picocraft organized into 10 specialist classes with highly maneuverable/configurable solar sails, a no-expendables propulsion system suitable for this application.
Saturn Autonomous Ring Array
SARA (Saturn Autonomous Ring Array)
The SARA mission concept is a new application for the ANTS architecture, a paradigm being developed for exploration of high surface area and/or multi-body targets to minimize costs and maximize effectiveness of survey operations.
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Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm


TET is short for tetrahedron. The word tetrahedron is derived from the Greek word "tetraedros," meaning four-faced.

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